Ash & Alys Slumbersling, Navy Bloom


Is your child safe if they fall asleep in the car?
Are traditional child neck pillows helping or hurting your child?
Introducing the revolutionary SlumberSling! The SlumberSling is designed and made in the USA with Soft organic cotton. The SlumberSling was developed to keep your child's necks upright while sleeping in the car. Traditional child car pillows put extra weight on the neck and head and allows their little heads to move freely, possibly causing strains or injury to their delicate necks. With the SlumberSling in place it allows your child to fall asleep without having their heads move with every turn or bump.
*Handmade in the USA with organic cotton
*Can be used with any convertible or toddler car seat
*Passed Safety requirements in a professional crash test
*Provides comfort and support without restricting movement
*Soft organic cotton head rest attached with elastic and velcro bands gives it flexibility and absolutely no rigidity
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