Avent New Double Electric Breast Pump With Breastfeeding Accessories


The new silent Avent double electric Breast Pump is easy to use and comes with many accessories. It features a compact design and ergonomic shape, with soft massage cushions for more comfort.
It comes with a large power cushion for extra suction. You no longer need to lean forward thanks to this unique design. The milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle.
This set includes:
What is included
2 Breast pump bodies
1 Base unit incl. tubing
1 Manual handle
2 Large massage cushions (25mm)
2 Power cushions (27mm)
4 Natural 4oz bottles
2 Extra soft newborn flow nipples
2 Travel covers
2 Sealing discs for milk storage
10 Milk storage cups
2 Storage cups adaptors
25 Milk storage bags
1 Travel bag
1 Breast pad sample pack with 2 pieces


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