Avent Single Electric Breast Pump


Product description:
Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump offers the comfort and convenience of fast, easy pumping at the touch of a button. It features 3 expression settings, all of which let you sit back and relax while the pump does the work. Unlike breast pumps that only operate properly when you lean forward, the Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump allows you to sit comfortably upright as you pump, while the pump's angled neck lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle. When you are able to relax, you can produce more milk. The breast pump has an uncomplicated design with a few, lightweight parts that are easily assembled and are dishwasher safe. The pump features a soft massage cushion with 5 textured petals intended to help gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby's natural suckling patterns. You can also use it on the go with 4 AA batteries (not included). The collection container that connects to the pump also works as a bottle with the included natural, breast-shaped nipple. The Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
Express in relaxing position: Thanks to the unique design of this breast pump, you don't need to learn forward to express. Your milk will flow straight into the bottle, even when you are sitting up straight. This means you can sit more comfortably and feel more relaxed, which can help your milk flow.
Easy settings to choose from : Simply press a button and your breast pump will start its gentle stimulation mode to help get your milk flowing. Then, the suction level can be adjusted between 3 levels, so you can express comfortably and efficiently.
Soft massage cushion : Our breast pumps were designed with your comfort in mind. The soft and velvety texture of the massage cushions feel warm and comfortable against your skin, which can help stimulate milk flow. The massaging petals in the cushion are designed to mimic your baby’s suckling action which can help with milk letdown.
Soft power cushion : Not every expressing session will be the same. Our power cushion is perfect for the times you need a little stronger suction.
Hygienic expressing : We know that every drop counts, that's why we make sure your breastmilk flows straight from breast to container, without any backflow into the tubes. This breast pump has also been designed with only a few parts, which are intuitive to assemble, and easy to clean. And all parts that come into contact with your breastmilk are made using BPA-free materials.
Easy to use and clean : This breast pump has been designed with only a few parts, which are intuitive to assemble, and easy to clean. Just another way we can make life a little easier.
Comes with our Natural bottle: The wide, breast-shaped nipple makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. The nipple's shape and feel mimics the breast making the transition easy from breastfeeding to bottle.
Quiet expressing : Designed for discreet expressing, which is convenient for the office, and night time pumping.
Clinically proven less leaning forward.

What's in the box:
Breast pump body: 1 pcs
Base unit incl. tubing: 1 pcs
Large massage cushion (25mm): 1 pcs (A smaller size cushion is available separately)
Power cushion (27mm): 1 pcs
Natural bottle 4oz with newborn nipple: 1 pcs
Travel cover: 1 pcs
Sealing disc for milk storage: 1 pcs
Breast pad sample packs: 2pcs (2 Day pads & 2 Night pads)
Technical Details:
Item Weight: 1.99 pounds
Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 9.2 x 3.7 inches
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