Baby Jolie Le Jolie Memory Perfume For Babies 1.7 OZ


The main belief behind our company’s culture and philosophy is that by utilizing the best technologies and developing outstanding products, we cater to the essential needs of parents and babies and offer them products that are truly effective. Founded out of love parents, babies and desire to provide them with the top-quality products. All of our products are centered on three important dynamics: Quality. Integrity. Ingenuity. Expect nothing less from Baby Jolie.
Culturally, we are trained to focus on the cuddly smells of babies and forget about the rest, which nevertheless exists aplenty. We think of babies' scents as eminently desirable and the reaction to the idea of perfuming your little one will show them a demonstration of love and affection.
However, perfuming is not just about deodorizing. Perfuming is a gesture of refinement. It adds beauty to the world and will no doubt create a bond with your children, a reservoir of memories into which to tap in the future.
Many women also like to use baby fragrances as they are alcohol-free and discreetly scented. And why not offer perfume to a baby or a new mom to use together. Memory by LeJolie is the perfect fragrance created by Baby Jolie from Paris and it will carry you through your workday and well into the evening.
GENTLE FRAGRANCE: Specially developed for baby's delicate skin, Memory combines tender aromas of flowers and fruits with plant extracts, best known for their softening properties.
ALCOHOL FREE: Baby Jolie from Paris creates unforgettable memories for the family with this alcohol free scent
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Memory perfume is made of squalane and fractionated coconut oil, and natural antioxidant ingredients that are beneficial for your baby.
EAU DE PARFUM 1.7Oz (50mL)
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