Baby Jolie Paris Mom Gift Set Body Restructuring Gel 7Oz, Lanolin Lotion 1.76Oz, Stretch Marks Triple Action 7.5Oz


Expecting moms will love Baby Jolie Paris 3-piece mom to be gift set. The Baby Jolie Pregnancy Gift Set makes a great baby shower gift for new moms (mom's need stuff too!). This unique pregnancy gift includes one of each - Baby Jolie Body Restructuring Gel, Baby Jolie Stretch Marks Cream and Baby Jolie Mom Care Lanolin

•Baby Jolie Stretch Marks Cream Triple Action Prevention for and Treatment Cream for Mom care Pregnancy Safe for Babies 7.5 Oz
The most prominent of these hard-to-revert changes are weight gain and stretch marks around your belly, hips and breasts. With that in mind Baby Jolie developed an extraordinary product called Triple Action Lotion-Stretch Marks, a prenatal skin care that was specially formulated to prevent stretch marks.
You can start using it even before pregnancy, starting the process of preparing your skin for the dramatic changes that your body will experience within the next 9 months. And continue well after the baby is born.
Our Triple Action lotion can be used in conjunction with baby Jolie Intensive Action Cream to provide a complete defense system against stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Baby Jolie Triple Action was formulated with an exclusive blend of botanical agents and Stimul Hyal, which fights free-radicals helping minimizing the effects of stretch marks, promoting elasticity and nourishment to the skin. Shea-Butter, Avocado, seed oils, vitamin B and vitamin E provide a long lasting moisture layer delivering a soft velvety touch to the skin.

•Baby Jolie Paris Mom Care Lanolin Lotion, 1.76 oz.
Baby Jolie has developed an exclusive formula to restore the joy of nursing with Baby Jolie's Lanolin Lotion. Formulated with moms and moms to be in mind, Lanolin treats nipples and moisturizes at the same time. Made with lanolin, a substance extracted from sheep’s wool, making it 100% Natural and safe for babies and moms.
Baby Jolie Lanolin Lotion provides a double barrier that will reduce pain and protect your nipples from further chafing, delivering the satisfaction of a happy nursing.

•Baby Jolie Paris Mom Care - Body Restructuring Gel (7 oz.)
The Baby Jolie Postpartum Gel helps return skin to its former elasticity, minimizing the impact of pregnancy changes and restoring your body to its natural shape. It restores skin firmness and remodel body contours for a sleeker and slimmer silhouette after delivery, while providing an immediate sense of well-being.
Visible results can be expected after just 4 weeks.
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