Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer


Complete sterilization in only 8 minutes with the Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer. It's a modern, practical and smart sterilizer that has been designed for your convenience. It's also compatible with 6 baby bottles, pacifiers, storage containers, breast pump parts, accessories, and more.
Patented technology eliminates 99.9% of bacteria thanks to steam nozzles that sterilize to the very core of your bottles and a high performance HEPA filtration system that guarantees a purified air, free from germs
Complete sterilization in only 8 minutes! Drying options range from 30 to 60 minutes while maintaining a purified environment, making it the most hygienic drying method and a faster and cleaner option than the dishwasher
Smart and practical design holds up to 6 bottles at once as well as breast pumps, infant toys, pacifiers, teethers and more. The steam outlets can easily be adjusted or removed to perfectly fit what you wish to sterilize.
Convenient storage of any size baby bottles and accessories for up to 36 hours in a purified environment free from airborne pollutants, humidity, mold, dust mites, dirt particles, pet dander, pollution, germs and more.
4-In-1 Beneficial Design: Sterilizer, Dryer, Deodorizer and Storage System with a single button for one full cycle eliminates the risk of contamination, saves time, and also space by reducing the need for separate appliances.


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