Bean-b-Clean Cradle Cap Brush


If your baby's scalp has dry, flaky skin that looks like dandruff, or even thick, yellowish or brownish, oily, scaly or crusty patches on his or her scalp, it's more than likely Cradle Cap (seborrheic dermatitis). It can be unsightly and embarrassing, but it's a common problem that afflicts many babies.

The Bean-B-Clean is a parent's best friend in the fight against CRADLE CAP. Cradle cap is not a reflection on you as a parent- many babies will experience it. Cradle cap (seborrhea) is crusty or flaky skin that can appear on baby's scalp, ears, or even eyebrows. Head it off at the pass or lessen the severity (if it's already present) by using The Bean-B-Clean as recommended every day.

How to use the Bean-b-Clean:

Wet baby's head with warm water.
Use a small amount (1 tsp) of your favorite oil (baby, olive, vegetable) and massage into baby's scalp.
Apply gentle pressure using a circular motion as you massage baby's scalp with The Bean-B-Clean brush; rinse baby's head.
Wash brush with any soap and warm water and rinse it to free captured oil and loosened debris.
Using your favorite tear-free baby shampoo, lather baby's head. Use scrub brush to gently massage away any remaining traces of oil.
Rinse and repeat as necessary.
Make sure to wash The Bean-B-Clean with soap and warm water and rinse thoroughly between uses. Store (bristles down) in an open area to air dry. NOTE: Do not use on baby's scalp if abrasions or irritation are present.

Our product, the Bean-b-Clean, is a revolutionary scalp massaging brush that's a safe, soft and soothing tool, especially effective in the fight against Cradle Cap, when used daily as directed. It takes the place of the brushes used in hospitals with the sponges on the back.

Made in the USA
No lead, no dye.
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