Benbat Seat Belt Protectors, Tiger


Travel Friends Belt Pals are the perfect way to make your baby’s car seat more comfy. Simply wrap them around the car seat belts to prevent your child’s cheek from getting irritated. Plush soft material for winter use easily reverses to a breathable material for summer time. The protectors easily attach to most harness systems and are easy to wash.
Extra padding for support and comfort
Attaches easily
Plush fabric to protect from strap irritation
Machine washable
Fun characters matching our loved Travel Friends Headrests
A pocket for child’s favorite toy
1-4 Years
Product Dimensions:
(cm): 16.5×7; (inches): 6.5×2.75 (when folded)
Care Instructions:
Machine Wash Cold (Max Temp 30°C 86°F)


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