Baby Carrier - A Guide for Parents!

We know that the use of baby carriers ends up creating many doubts between parents in the decision of purchasing this product or not.

Owning a baby carrier brings many benefits for the baby and for those who are using it. One of these important factors is establishing the practice of skin-to-skin contact. Below we will mention some points where you will learn more about these positive points.

The Spanish Pediatric Association classifies these benefits as a chain that is enhanced with each act. The main classifications are the benefits that offer the best baby sleep quality, body temperature regulation, oxygen and breathing optimization, gastro esophageal reflux relief and helping with gas relief and evacuation.

Today the market offers a wide variety of models, fabrics and possible configurations to more fit your needs, but we recommend that you always check out the regulation for that product. A quality baby carrier will always have seals that have passed safety tests and are approved by pediatricians.

In sequence, we will show you some models that the market currently offers and you will be able to choose the one that best fits your expectations and needs. 

All Ages:

These models offer an age range for all ages, from newborn to 3-4 years old.
(depends on the model and brand)

Identify situations in your daily life to verify its need. Different positions are also features to take into account, so the customer will be satisfied with their choice.

From 4 months and up:

Some brands offer models with an age range from 3 months. Because its structure is different. Usually this model is classified as being simpler, as it doesn't
offer a complete product to the customer, so its values ​​end up being more attractive. Brands offer a support to accommodate the newborn, sold separately.

With the most weight capacity (Toddler):

The brand Lille, today is on the market the only one that offers the customer a baby carrier option with more weight capacity, reaching out the toddler age group from 20 lbs / 9.07 Kg to 60 lbs / 27.2 Kg

This model is for a very specific public, as its indicative weight rating stands out for being different from others. Its shape has a larger back and bigger seats.


The sling shape is often also related with the other design called Wrap. Although both apparently have the same features, their way of assembly is quite different.
The Sling has a ring for the fabric to be crossed, thus enabling the settings to be made.


The Wrap option is often understood to be a more natural way of carrying the baby and how is accommodated on its body. But this model, also have to be tested and approved, following the regulations of body accommodation.

This model requires the customer the ability to perform all the positions, as it has different lashings that you have to do. The brands offer different fabrics, ones with more ventilation, ones with less, offering the advantage of selling something comfortable for the baby.

T-shirt model:

The configuration of this model ends up being quite different, since the way the baby is accommodated is in the shape of a t-shirt but with support to fit the baby.

This category ends up being more limited in question to the use of the product since this has its limited size/shape so its weight capacity is also more restricted.

Baby carrier

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