Baby Feeding - A Guide for Parents!

Training Cup


Many experts recommend that children stops using the bottle after 1 year old to help them adjust to cups. Mothers can start training between 4 and 6 months. At this stage, it is necessary to buy the training cups, which have valves against leaks, a soft spout and handles that make it easier for the child to hold the cup.

Some children take longer than others, but they tend to imitate adults and learn quickly. We recommend purchasing the training cups according to the child's age. As children grow, the spout becomes harder, the valve disappears, and the shape to fit the hands changes, the handles come out and the straw enters. Some models allow drinking all around the cup (360º model) and others such as the Munchkin have weights that allow the child to drink with the straw without having to correct its position/turn the cup. Many of them contain a "spill proof" system which prevents liquid leakage when turned upside down.

Check some brands and models:


It is important that children have their own dish and that it is colorful and attractive to provide satisfaction when eating. We separated some models that usually please moms:

Bowl: This is the child's first dish, as they usually start their diet with soups and whipped berries. There are several models and brands.

Flat Plate: Usually used for rice, beans, meat and more.  When the child goes through the soup phase, the quantity and diversity of foods increases and will need a larger, and flat plate.

Divided Plate: It is an option for a flat plate with dividers to not mix the food. The dividers are interesting for the child to differentiate between foods and their colors.

Non-slip Base:  Some plates have a rubber base at the bottom to make it difficult for the plate to slip over it.

Suction bowl/plate: At the base of the plate or bowl there is a suction cup that, through the suction of air, fixes the dish to the surface, preventing it from moving.

Silicone: Whole plate made of silicone. Some models have a base with suction so they don't slip and others don't. Silicone plates have a great durability advantage, in addition to being very convenient for cleaning.

Thermal: Contains a reservoir to put hot water that keeps the food temperature longer. Children usually take a long time to eat and the food tends to get cold.
Very useful for daily use.

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It is very important for the baby to have their own eating utensils, that is, plates, cups, cutlery, snack jars, among others. As soon as the pediatrician starts to insert solid foods such as berries and baby food, it will be necessary to introduce the spoon in the feeding.

The use of the spoon will help the child's motor coordination and it will help the use of knife and fork in the near future. Also, it helps the development of good manners, showing from an early age that they must be disciplined when it comes to eating, starting with the spoon, then fork and knife.

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Baby Food Maker

The main reason to use a food maker is to invest in healthy, natural food for your child. Industrialized foods, as tasty as some are, contain numerous preservatives and chemicals that affect the human body health, especially for babies who have the entire digestive and immune system still fragile. Processed foods are not fresh and healthy and if used frequently can harm your baby's health.

Sometimes it can be a quick fix, but don't let it become a routine in your life. Value the natural baby food! We know that the rush of daily life makes it difficult for the mother to stay in the kitchen and that is why there are equipment that were manufactured to help them and minimize their work while helping to maintain their family healthy.

There are several models of food makers designed to minimize mom's time in the kitchen, and you'll need to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Check some models available in the market:

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