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If you're the lucky one organizing a baby shower, picking a theme can help with the planning and with the vibe of the shower. As there are so many baby shower themes for boys to choose from, we’re here to highlight some of the best, and to guide you through how to bring each one to life with ideas for decorations, food, and games. By the way, all of these baby shower themes for boys can also work for girls, and it's always wise to check with the mom-to-be to make sure she's happy to reveal her baby's gender before you start planning the event.

Jungle Theme

We all know the new baby will be the king of the jungle (and possibly born to be wild), making this the perfect baby shower theme for a boy!


Decoration Ideas

  • Put some luscious indoor plants around the food table

  • Hang some black, yellow, and green balloons

  • Ask a few guests to bring jungle animal toys to decorate the buffet table; after the event, the toys can be taken home by the mom-to-be

  • As a centerpiece that then becomes a gift for the mom-to-be, a jungle diaper cake is perfect

Superheroes Theme

There is no doubt that the mom-to-be is a hero, and this baby shower theme for boys is great because you can cast a wide net. You don’t have to pick just one superhero—why not include elements of several different ones?

Decoration Ideas

  • Go for strong primary colors like red, blue, and yellow when choosing balloons, the tablecloth, paper plates, cups, straws, and napkins

  • If you’ve decided to pick one superhero, use the colors of that specific superhero for the decorations

  • Since this is a popular theme, check your local party supply store to shop for decorations to match

  • If you have cheese cubes or olives on the buffet table, stick toothpicks in them with little paper signs that say "Wham," "Boom," or "Pow."

Tiny Gentleman Theme

This cute baby shower theme for a boy really celebrates the mom-to-be’s little man.

Decoration Ideas

  • For the color scheme, try elegant tones like black, charcoal, and gold or silver

  • Consider adding patterns like houndstooth, herringbone, or tartan

  • Add a dash of color like burgundy or cobalt blue to the décor if you wish

  • Group together cutlery sets with napkins folded into a rectangle, and cinch the bundle together with a short piece of ribbon to create a bow tie shape

  • For on-theme straws, cut a mustache shape out of cardboard, punch a hole in the middle, and then thread the top of a bendy straw through the hole. Every time someone takes a sip she'll be wearing a mustache!

Cowboys or Wild West Theme

Host a country-themed baby shower by taking inspiration from the Wild West and cowboys. Yeehaw!

Decoration Ideas

  • Experiment with a rustic décor by going for colors like red, brown, blue, and cream when picking a tablecloth, napkins, and paper plates

  • Use a cowhide print as a basis for decorations

  • Accessorize with scattered hay, cacti in pots, or wheat stems in vases near the food table

  • Use toy ponies or a rocking horse as decorations, and after the party, these can be given to the mom-to-be for her little cowboy to play with when he's old enough

  • Pull out your cowboy hat or cowboy boots, too (you can wear these or use as decorations)

  • Turn on some country-western music for added atmosphere

  • Make sure guests know they’re wanted at the party, so design the invites to look like an old-fashioned "Wanted" poster.

Baby Under Construction Theme

This unique baby shower theme for boys is perfect because the mom-to-be’s baby is truly under construction!

Decoration Ideas

  • Go for colors like yellow, black, brown, and orange when choosing the tablecloth, balloons, paper plates, and plastic cutlery sets

  • Purchase inexpensive props at your local hardware supply store like a traffic cone, a "caution" sign, or a hard hat

  • Check your garage for props like a hammer, tape measure, or a wheelbarrow, which can be filled with ice to double as a drink tub

  • Create a construction site out of the food table: Wrap empty boxes in yellow, brown, or black-colored wrapping paper, get some fake grass, use black cardboard to create roads, and add toy trucks and cars

  • Add cutouts of construction site signs, and add those along with bowls of food throughout the site

  • Create a gift table that has a sign saying "Dump gifts here"

  • Hang a playful banner saying "Caution! Bump Ahead" or "Mommy at Work"

  • If guests are wondering about an on-theme gift idea, suggest a toy dump truck, building blocks, or even a construction set game—any of which can also be used as part of the décor before they are given.

Sports Themes

Does your guest of honor have a favorite sport like tennis or baseball, soccer or basketball? If yes, she may love a sports-themed shower. In addition, if the mom-to-be has a favorite sports team, you can even narrow the theme down, and base it around her team’s colors and mascots. There are no rules, so you can keep to a general sports theme, one specific sport, or go all-in for one team. It will be an all-star baby shower no matter what you choose.

Decoration Ideas

  • Vary the color scheme and decorations depending on the sport(s) you pick. For example, a basketball-themed party lends itself to black and orange; a baseball-themed party could be more about red, white, and green

  • If you’ve picked a team to base the theme around, go with the team colors

  • Make sure your balloons, napkins, and paper plates match your chosen colors

  • Use a green tablecloth on the food table to represent the playing field

  • Place a label card next to the food that says "Concession Stand"

  • Hang sports pennants over the buffet table that say "Rookie of the Year" and "Welcome to the Team"

  • Design invites in the style of a ticket to a sporting event, with the date and time of the shower, and an "Admit One" strip at the end.


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