Breast Pump Guide for New Moms

Breast pumps are a valuable tool for lactating mothers who want to provide their babies with the benefits of breastmilk, but also need to be away from their baby for periods of time. Whether you're a working mother, have a medical condition that makes breastfeeding challenging, or simply need to relieve engorgement, breast pumps can help you express milk and maintain your milk supply.

There are some factors to consider when choosing a breast pump: how often you'll be using it, how much milk you need to express, and your budget. Some pumps are designed for frequent use and have features like adjustable suction and speed settings, while others are more basic and affordable. It's also important to choose the right size breast shield, which is the part of the pump that fits over your breast. Using a shield that is too small or too large can cause discomfort and reduce milk flow.

Types of Breast Pump

There are two types of breast pumps: manual and electric. Manual pumps are operated by hand, while electric pumps use a motor to extract milk. Electric pumps are generally faster and more efficient, but manual pumps are a good option for occasional use or when you don't have access to an electrical outlet. 

We've listed some options to help you to decide which breast pump might be the best for you and your baby. Check it now:

Single Manual Breast Pump

A single manual breast pump is a hand-operated breast pump that extracts milk from one breast at a time. They are less expensive and more portable than electric breast pumps but may require more effort and time to use, may not be as efficient or comfortable for frequent pumping or large volumes of milk.

One of the main advantages of manual breast pumps is their portability and convenience. They do not require electricity or batteries, making them ideal for use on-the-go or in situations where power sources are limited. They are also quiet and discreet, allowing moms to pump without drawing attention.

Our recommendation:

Medela Harmony Single Manual Breast Pump

Medela's Harmony Breast Pump is a hand powered manual pump with 2 Phase Expression Technology, designed for a quick backup to your double electric breast pump and occasional time away from your baby. It's also a great option for travel, once small, lightweight and portable, making transport easy and discreet for convenient pumping at home, at work, or on the go.

Soft touch, ergonomic swivel handle for added comfort, made without BPA, it's safe for you and baby.Includes PersonalFit Flex breast shield that reduce pressure on the breast and optimize milk flow, giving you more milk faster

2-in-1 Breast Pump

A 2-in-1 breast pump can be used as both a single or double pump, and sometimes as a manual or electric pump. They offer more flexibility and versatility for pumping moms, but may not be as efficient or comfortable as dedicated single or double breast pumps.

The advantage of a 2-in-1 breast pump is that it can provide moms with the best of both worlds: the convenience and speed of double pumping and the flexibility of single pumping. It is also more cost-effective than purchasing separate single and double breast pumps, but it's important to research and compare different models to find the one that best meets your needs and preferences.

Our recommendation:

MAM 2-IN-1 Double Electric Breast Pump & Manual Breast Pump

The MAM 2-in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump is a BPA- & BPS-free portable double breast pump designed for maximum comfort and flexibility for you and your baby. The pump easily switches between electric and manual use, and can be used for single or double Expression allowing for maximum flexibility.

Designed as a closed system, it prevents leaks into the pump mechanism, ensuring that milk travels through a hygienic route. The pump's electric motor is small enough to fit into a small bag, making it ideal for on-the-go use. The timer on the pump counts the minutes while expressing and reminds mom of when the next pumping session is.

Single Electric Breast Pump

A single electric breast pump uses an electric motor to extract milk from one breast at a time. They are faster and more efficient than manual pumps, with different suction levels and modes for customization. They are more expensive than manual pumps but more affordable than double electric pumps, and are a good option for frequent pumping or on-the-go use.

Our recommendation:

Elvie - Single Electric Breast Pump

Meet Elvie Pump, the silent, wearable electric breast pump designed to discreetly slip inside your bra. That way, you can confidently collect breast milk where other motherpumpers dare not go.Controlled through your phone for the most seamless experience, Elvie Pump is wire-free, hands-free, and hassle-free. Like pumping should be.

Pump in peace with the patented technology that creates suction silently. Elvie Pump is also the smallest and lightest all-in-one wearable electric breast pump. Tucking discreetly into your bra, it gives you the confidence to pump anywhere – from boardroom to baby’s room.

Double Electric Breast Pump

Double electric breast pumps are designed to be faster and more efficient than single electric or manual breast pumps, and can help moms empty both breasts in less time. They are a popular choice for moms who need to pump frequently or who need to express large volumes of milk.

They also offer more customization options, with different suction levels and modes that can be adjusted to mimic the natural rhythm of breastfeeding. This can help moms find a setting that is comfortable and effective for them.

Our recommendation:

Primo Passi - Portable Dual Charge Electric Breast Pump

The Primo Passi Portable Dual Charge Electric Breast Pump Special Edition is ultra comfortable and convenient. It features new buttons to make it even easier to use. Its new sealing system that doesn't require sealing rings ensures a leaking proof design, so moms can take it anywhere.

With controls that are easy to use, you can choose stimulation or suction level to make this a more comfortable experience. Device turns automatically into stimulation mode when it is on, then raises a suction level on its own every 45 seconds until it reaches level 5. Then it will turn itself into suction mode. You can also adjust this manually to decide what is better for you.

Shop Breast Pump!

When choosing a breast pump, consider your individual needs and preferences. Some mothers may prefer the simplicity and affordability of a manual pump, while others may prefer the convenience and efficiency of an electric pump. It's also important to choose a pump that fits properly and is comfortable to use, as this can affect milk flow and overall pumping experience. Compare all Breast Pump options at MacroBaby and find the best deals!

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