Breastfeeding: A Guide for Moms!

1. Breast Pump (Shop Here)

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health recommend breastfeeding until the child is 6 months old. Although we know that after this age, breast milk alone no longer contains all the nutrients that the baby needs, and it is necessary to include other food in their diet, breast milk is rich in immunoglobulin that help strengthen the immune system.

In some cases, the mother will need to draw breast milk using a breast pump.

Check the most important factors that lead mothers to use a breast pump:
• to increase milk production;
• when the mother needs to be away from the baby for long hours;
• when the baby is too small to be able to feed itself, for example in the case of premature babies;
• when the mother feels the breast is very bruised and painful due to breastfeeding;
• to prevent the breast from becoming too full of milk, preventing it from becoming lumpy;
• prevents the mother from having to wake up her baby because the breast is too full of milk, allowing her to wake up in her own time;
• allows the mother to rest for a few hours at night and can take turns with the father and/or Baby Sitter to feed the baby;
• milk storage, as many babies are not able to completely empty the breast in a single feeding, it is essential to remove the milk to stimulate its production;

Check the types of breast pumps available in the market:

ManualA container that contains a lever and a valve in which the mother makes a rhythmic movement to promote the release of breast milk. The manual breast pump is more economical and silent, but it takes longer and, depending on the mother's sensitivity, it can be more painful. It is the mother who control the suction force.

Single ElectricThe pump is similar to a manual pump, but the mother doesn't
need to make the movement lever - there is a motor that does it itself. The electric one is more comfortable and doesn't tire the hands because the mother doesn't need to pump, making its use more convenient and comfortable.
This pump is the swing model from Medela and has options to graduate the milk flow. Besides it has an automatic option in which the baby's sucking replica (alternating the weak and the strong) equal to the newborn.

• Double ElectricIt has the same system as the single electric breast pump, but with two pumps attached that allow the extraction of milk from both breasts at the same time. Some mothers find it strange to get milk from both breasts at the same time, but it is important to consider that it is a time saving - think that at 2 am, when the mother is exhausted and tired, the difference of being awake for 20 minutes using the double breast pump and 40 minutes with the single one, will make a lot of difference. Plus it's fast, comfortable and efficient. It is suitable for all mothers, even those who are not pregnant with twins.

Check some accessories that can be very useful when using your breast pump:

• Replacement valves and membranes is essential for the pump's operation;
• Car adapter needed when traveling or in a heavy traffic jam.
• Milk storage bags, bottle, cup, allowing the father, relative or a baby sitter to feed the baby at night times, for example.

(Shop Here)

Customer Recommendation:
The use of the manual and electric pump is very personal, but the electric is usually more accepted by most customers.

2. Breastfeeding Pillow (Shop Here)

This is a very important accessory for positioning the baby and mom during breastfeeding. The use of the pillow allows the mother to rest her muscles, without having to support the child's weight, it helps to prevent tension in the mother's back and neck and is super comfortable for the child. It is also very convenient so that the child does not find it strange when changing the lap, in
case someone other than a baby bottle feeds, such as the father, relative and/or baby sitter and it can also be used on the plane, as they usually do not offer any type of accommodation for the baby.

They are usually portable and easy to carry, have a washable lining and can be used at any age as cushion and pillow. We recommend that mothers sit in a comfortable chair, preferably with a back support and a foot stool, so that the hips are at a 90º angle and thus do not have muscle overload.

Check some types of breastfeeding pillows available on the market:

• U or S shape - traditional: This pillow should be placed on the mother's belly so that the baby can be accommodated and reach the breast easier and with more comfort. Its advantage is that it is portable, easy to carry and durable because the child will be able to use it for other purposes besides breastfeeding support. For example, as a pillow to relax.

• With back support / for twins: This is a very popular pillow model for future mothers of twins, as it involves the
entire circumference of the mother's body and can support a child on each side.
It can also be used for a single child giving greater freedom of movement and comfort. In addition, it also offers lumbar support, which makes breastfeeding much more pleasurable.

3. Nipple Shells (Shop Here)


The shells are usually made of silicone and it is to correct an inverted nipple or a flat nipple in order to help the baby's grip during breastfeeding, protect the sore and cracked nipple from contact with clothing, help with its healing, collect breast milk during breastfeeding or during its extraction, because while the child is sucking from one breast, the other is also stimulated and starts to leak, requiring the use of the shell.

It is recommended that the shell has holes for nipple ventilation, avoiding infections and that the nipple is not too small, and otherwise it will hurt. The hole must allow you to place the nipple and a little of the areola inside. It is not recommended to use the milk collected in the shell, as its storage outside the refrigerator can favor contamination by bacteria, except if it is used immediately after collection, for example, when it is collected during breastfeeding. It must be worn under the bra and the wearing time should never exceed 3 hours of use. It is not recommended to sleep with the shell, especially those with a rigid base and those used for nipple formation.

It must always be sanitized and sterilized before use.

Check the different types of shells:

• Rigid Base: Its main function is to help with the formation of the nipple or for those who have an inverted nipple. It can also be used during pregnancy to prepare the nipple until the child is born.

• Flexible Base for normal nipple: Shell model with flexible base. It has no
function to correct or make the nipple. It is used to collect milk, protect the bruised and painful nipple and help its recovery.

• Flexible Base for inverted nipple: Shell model with flexible base for inverted nipples. It is used to help solve some of the most common problems of breastfeeding, such as nipple soreness and engorgement.

4. Nipple Shields (Shop Here)

The baby is born knowing how to suck and instinctively when placed close to the breast starts sucking. However, this does not mean that he knows how to breastfeed correctly and it is important that the mother teach him how to do it. To sucking the nipple, the baby needs to suck the areola to prevent it from hurting the breast and to encourage more milk flow. Silicone nipples shields were created to assist breastfeeding in the following situations: when the mother has a flat or inverted nipple and the child has difficulty in holding the breast, when the breast is already hurt and sensitive or when it has already been introduced to bottle, the child is already used to the silicone nipple and there is the intention to maintain breastfeeding with the use of the nipple shields.

It is recommended to indicate the purchase of at least 2 silicone nipples shields for each breast because it is thin and sensitive and with frequent use, cleaning and sterilization can easily be damaged.

There are usually variations in nipple size and it is important to buy one that fits the width of your nipple.

Check some different types of nipple shields:

• Round Base: It is a silicone nipple where its base covers the entire areola, completely protecting skin contact.

• Irregular Base: This type of nipple does not cover the entire areola, but allows the child's nose to be in contact with the mother's skin.


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