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The High Chair is important to place the child at a suitable height for whoever is going to feed the child, providing safety and comfort to the baby.

Besides, other advantages should be considered such as, when the child is placed around the table together with family, he/she will be able to see others type of food, which inspire his curiosity and interest in the new; they make part of the family routine, so the child learns from an early age that there is a place reserved for eating and also learn manners during the meal; Eating with other family members speeds up learning how to chew, hold silverware, use a napkin, and so on.

Its use usually starts between 6 and 8 months, when the child is already sitting by him/herself to be fed and goes up to approximately 3 years old, or when the child already reached the height enough to sit by him/herself at the table.

The choice of the ideal model of high chair will depend on each person's lifestyle, the size of the house, whether the family sits at the table for meals, whether they eat more in restaurants, whether they travel a lot. Parenting routine will determine which model is right for you, but we often recommend purchasing 2 models, one for indoors and one portable for use with relatives or when traveling.

Here are some tips that can help you to choose your high chair:

- It is important that the chair has a safety lock so that it does not close by itself while the child is in it, especially when they are older and constantly rocking and making noise in the high chair;

- It is recommended that you have a 5-point safety harness and that you have a retainer between the legs to prevent the child from slipping under the tray;

- It would be useful if the fabric is waterproof and if the tray is removable, as it will be easier to clean it;

- That has height adjustment to follow your child's growth.

Some models bring an extra feature that can also help in everyday life, such as:

- Seat reclining so that your child can take a nap after eating or even be used as a lounging chair,

- With some you'll be able to use them as a swing;

- Some rotate 360º which allows a better positioning on any type of table;

- Others have a reinforced structure that it supports up to the weight of an adult, that is, you can

use your high chair in all child stages of growth, even as an adult, replacing the chair at the dining table. For example the models: Stokke Tripp and Mima Moon.

Find some top rated models available on the market:

• Traditional with base – limited use:

Model that the chair and the tray are lifted by leg support. This model of high chair helps those who feed the child, because of the height, plus being comfortable and providing independence to sit at the table with family members. They are usually used for up to 2 or 3 years, depending on the brand. Some models recline, others can also be used as a swing and others have only the chair function. They're not portable, but they're great for indoor use. Some models are very thin and narrow to be stored behind a closet for example. 

• Traditional with base – unlimited use:

These are high chairs without base, made to be fixed to the regular kitchen chair. They are lighter and take up less space in the kitchen, but are often more uncomfortable for the children. It is necessary to pay attention to the model of chair that it will be installed, as not all of them accommodate boosters correctly. Another important detail is to find a model that has height adjustment to accompany the child's growth.

The chair and tray are also lifted by leg support, but they have a strong structure (material) that it can support the weight of an adult. We currently have 2 models with these features, Stoke Tripp Trap and Mima Moon.

• Boosters


• The ones that are fixed to the table:

They are small chairs that have two fixings to be fixed to the table. They are portable and great for  travel and dining. You just need to pay attention to the type of table that will be used, as it cannot be made of glass or plastic. Brands like Chicco and Inglesina.

• Portables:

They are small seats similar to boosters, but they don't have a strong structure. They are foldable and good for travel. It is not recommended for children who are just starting to sit, as they do not have much body balance yet. It is a great option to have as an extra. Best known brands: Munchkin, Brica, Bambino. 

We recommend some accessories that can help with your daily routine, such as:

- Place mats that are plastic mats to be placed under the high chair, preventing food from falling on the floor, making easier to clean;

- Place mats to put under the child's plate, preventing it from getting dirty and also as a alternative to distract children, as they are usually colorful and fun;

- Suction toys to fix on the table or tray of the high chair;

- Antibacterial wipes for the high chair;

- And more.

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