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Learning that there’s a second baby on the way is usually very exciting, but it might come with a big challenge: how to share the news with your first child and how they will react to it. As a parent, you need to be prepared and figure out how you are going to handle the situation when the newborn arrives at home. Children often feel left out and jealous of their siblings during the first months, especially because you will have, indeed, to spend more time taking care of the little one. But the good news is that the reborn dolls can actually help parents to deal with this process as the lifelike baby dolls can simulate what the introduction would be like in real life and prepare the older child for it.

Reborn dolls are almost identical to actual newborn babies, not only their weight is similar but even their smell is made to give them a more realistic feel.; Some even cry as a real baby, so mothers and fathers have been turning to this option for the opportunity to use them early within the pregnancy to show their toddlers what it’s going to be like for them.


The best way to help your toddler understand the situation is to make them feel included in everything. According to the psychologist Michaelle Abrantes, some kids even act like a spoiled child when they learn about their new sibling, which is why they have to become responsible for some of the baby needs. Asking your child to take care of the reborn doll is going to make them feel more mature and important, since the dolls look so much like real babies. They can give the doll a bath, change diapers or help swaddling it and dressing it up. Abrantes also explains that because some parents don’t know how to properly communicate with their children, a role play with the reborn dolls may be a good strategy. “Talking is the most important thing to deal with this, so the reborn dolls can be used as a playful tool,” she says.; “You can show your child what is like to have a brother or a sister at home and tell them that they don’t need to be jealous because you love both of them just the same.”


Parents must remember to role play and do with the reborn dolls exactly what they will do with their second baby when he arrives. Share praise between siblings so both of them feel special, talk to the baby and encourage your older child to talk to it as well, manage the time spent with both children. “Show your kid that having a brother or a sister can be great for the new family dynamic and ask them questions, like ‘would you like to have a sibling like this one?’”, said Abrantes, pointing out how crucial it is to always listen to your child and ask for their opinion. “Allow the child to express their emotions and how they feel about the newborn baby and talk about it with them; They need to feel understood and accepted”.

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