Playard - A Guide For Parents!


They are usually easy to assemble and disassemble, portable and safe for your baby to rest and play with. Many models bring attractions for children such as mobiles, lights, music and vibration. Some parents often replace the traditional crib with this collapsible version, as it is portable and easier to transport. However, many buy it as an alternative crib to take to the beach house, grandparents' house or small trips.

Another feature of the playards is the child's safety, as it becomes a space reserved for them, preventing them from falling out of bed, getting hurt when they start to crawl, as it restricts their space and brings more freedom for the mother or whoever is caring for the child can perform other activities.There are models that comes with changing table, diaper organizer, bassinet (some removable, others not) so the baby can sleep and different height positions for the mattress. There are others simpler that brings only the mattress with different height levels and some only the mattress with a single position.

Most playards can be used until the child is approximately 30 pounds (about 2 years old).

Meet some brands and their top rated models:

• Graco:

Has a large variety of models. From the simplest, that contains only the space
for the child to play/rest or with accessories that complete the crib, making it suitable for newborn as well. The most complete models contain: changer, bassinet, organizer, music, mobile, vibration, light and mattress adjustment.

• Chicco: 

They don't have a large variety of models, but you can find them from the most basic to the models that come with, changer and mobile for the baby. 

• Nuna:

They have 3 models, Nuna Sena Mini that is basic, without any accessory and
in smaller size, Nuna Sena aire in traditional standard size and Nuna Cove Air more complete with accessories for bassinet position.

• Baby Jogger:

The Baby Jogger has today one of the lightest playard on the market (13.5
lbs) and with very compact features. Being able to use in two different levels, easy to open and close and it ends up being a great option.

• Silver Cross:

It is one of the oldest brands on the market referring to baby business; Slumber is a great option for parents looking for a practical and compact playard. It offers two levels of height adjustment and also an easy-access side opening for the baby's crawling stage.

• 4Moms

This is a technological brand and despite looking like a simple playard, it has a very resistant structural system and is one of the easiest to open and close.

• Bugaboo

Bugaboo Stardust Pop-Up Playard | buybuy BABY

Bugaboo is one of the most respected brands of baby products, especially for their products quality. Their playard is very revolutionary for the way it opens and closes.

• Skip Hop:

Skip Hop Play To Night™ Expanding Travel Crib - Little Folks NYC

Skip Hop's Playard is very versatile forcustomers who need to fit according to the spaces they have. Inside you can open the zippers and expand its size making its lifetime longer.

• Tiny Love:

The Tiny Love models ends up being very complete, as it includes accessories for other stages such as: activity mat and toys.


Baby playard

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