Bumps & Bruises Tabs 125 TAB


Fast, natural relief for pain, swelling and bruising. Hylands homeopathic. 100% Natural. Hylands Bumpsn Bruises is a natural, homeopathic formula for immediate treatment after falls or other traumas where bruising, swelling and pain is inevitable. Hylands Bumpsn Bruises contains Arnica Montana, the most commonly used homeopathic medicine for relieving pain, bruising and swelling after a fall (or other trauma). Safe for toddlers and young adults alike, these products work without side effects or contraindications. Hylands Bumpsn Bruises tablets are soft and dissolve almost instantly in the mouth. Indications: A homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief of symptoms of bruising and swelling from falls, trauma or overexertion. Easy to take soft tablets dissolve instantly in the mouth. Directions: For over 1 year of age: Dissolve 3-4 tablets on the tongue at the time of injury. May be repeated as needed every 15 minutes until relieved. Ingredients: Arnica Montana 6X HPU.S., Hypericum Perforatum 6X HPU.S., Bellis Perennis 6X HPU.S., Ruta Graveolens 6X HPU.S. Other Ingredients: In a Base of Lactose. Shelf Life: 999 days 100 Percent Natural, Homeopathic


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