Cache Coeur - Essential 1 Pair Of Nursing Pads Flow 60 Ml, Day, Fuchsia


Easy to use, these leak-proof and ultra-absorbent nursing pads by Cache Coeur are essential for every new mom! They fit perfectly the shape of your breast, stay in place and provide a very discreet anti-slip system. Their nude color offer invisibility under clothing.

2 Sizes (day and night)
4 Layers of different fabrics
Free from harmful checmical substances
Safe for skin
Second layer is protective membrane, waterproof and breathable
Fourth layer is a 3D isolating air-cushion to allow your skin to breathe
Machine wash and dryer
Antibacterial and anti-odor
Breathable, dry effect in 8 minutes
Made in France

Caution: softeners are forbidden.
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