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    Reborn Dolls are realistic dolls sculpted and painted by artists. With so many details, they look and feel like a real baby – skin, weight, size and more. They can also be called lifelike dolls or reborn baby dolls.

    Different materials are used to create them, such as vinyl or silicone, and some have cloth bodies. It takes quite a few steps to complete a new doll. The process of creating them include adding multiple layers of hand painting, synthetic or natural hair, sculpting all realistic human traits, and making other physical features.

    They are true art pieces, and are appreciated by all ages. You can find them in many different price ranges. Some reborn babies are made to look exactly like an actual living baby, using a photograph as inspiration. Some artists like to make fantasy reborn dolls, which can be inspired by animals, movies, creatures, and more.

    There are customers that collect them as regular dolls, and others like to play with them as if they are real babies. Their realistic appearance can bring strong connections from their owners, and that is the beauty of such dolls. This strong emotional bond can help some people in the grieving process.

    At MacroBaby Dolls Maternity you can feel the happy emotions of adopting a baby. You can choose between many models of regular dolls and reborn dolls for adoption. We offer Reborn Clothes and countless accessories for your doll, including options for reborn boys.

    Come to our store and check all our options of Reborn Dolls for sale!

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