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  • Amber Necklaces
  • Prenatal Heart Monitors
  • Cleaning
  • Grooming

    A wide range of accessories and hygiene kits for infants and toddlers awaits you at MacroBaby.

    Children's personal hygiene products bring safety, as they conform to the delicate and small anatomical shapes of babies. Brushes, baby combs, infant nail clippers, drug dispensers, and infant first aid products were created to meet the demands and mom's needs.

    Only at MacroBaby you find products specially created for child care, promoting the safety necessary for the development of your child.

  • Humidifiers & Purifiers
    The climate and air humidity are important factors for your baby's health. Removing bacteria and fungi from the home environment helps prevent diseases such as influenza and pneumonia. Fight the dry air and help your child's breathing with the line of baby humidifiers and purifiers you find on MacroBaby.
    Many models of our air purifiers have the modern HEPA filter that can remove up to 99.97% of the air impurities, such as pollen, mold, dust mites and smoke.
    When your little one has a stuffy nose or is struggling with a cold, infant vaporizers and humidifiers help with breathing, providing temporary cough relief and congestion.
    To make sure your child breathes easier at night, buy baby humidifiers, sprayers, and baby cleansers at MacroBaby.
  • Oral & Nasal Care
  • Scales
  • Sun Care
  • Thermometers

    The thermometer is one of the most essential items for parents. At MacroBaby you find a wide selection of baby thermometers that are easy to handle, making it easier to measure your child's temperature.

    We have the best classic models such as forehead, ear, arm, rectal, pacifier thermometers, and non-contact thermometer models with infrared - each one specific to your child's age.

    For example, using a forehead thermometer for a newborn baby is likely to be easier. You simply lean the thermometer on your child's head and in seconds you know the body's temperature.

    Take care of your baby's health by purchasing the ideal thermometer for you and your child at MacroBaby.

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