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Designed by a pediatrician as the safest way to cut tiny nails.

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There is only one blade so we recommend starting with nibbles of nail and working up to larger nail portions to find what works best for you. Once you get familiar with Baby Comfy Nail you'll agree with the thousands of parents who already know that this is a better way to cut baby's nails.

YOU WILL FEEL CONFIDENT trimming your child's finger and toe nails because the single-blade design assures that you cannot cut baby's skin. The flat bottom ledge pushes the fingertip skin back and safely out of the way so only the nail gets cut.

You won't cut too closely to the sensitive nail bed because the bottom ledge extends out slightly. But if you want to trim the nails more closely, simply push the ledge more firmly against the fingertip to get as close a trim as you like. You control how short to trim the nail.

The clipper is larger by design to make it easier to hold and operate when you don't want to make a mistake. Other clippers attach lights or a magnifying glass, which don't solve the problem of preventing cutting baby's skin.

Designed for the thinner nails of children, but works well for adults too.