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MilkChecker Automatic Milk Temperature Monitor Ideal for Measuring Breast Milk & Formula Milk Temperature with Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Accurate Temperature Reading for Moms

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IDEAL FOR MEASURING BREAST MILK TEMPERATURE – Milkchecker perfectly measures breast milk temperature. For refrigerated breast milk, pour the milk into a bottle then place it in a bowl of warm water and swirl gently. Place the bottle onto Milkchecker and get the optimum breast milk temperature for your baby
PERFECT FOR FORMULATED MILK TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT – Fill the milk bottle with warm water and place it on the Milkchecker. Then pour in formula, once Milkchecker detects the optimum temperature for babies, the system will alert parents
3-COLOR LARGE AND EASY READOUT LCD DISPLAY – Milk temperature is accurately displayed and color coded so parents can tell if milk is too hot (Red), milk formula is suitable for preparing (Yellow), Suitable for Drinking (Green)
FULLY AUTOMATIC – Once milk is over 89 °F (32 °C) Milkchecker automatically starts to work by displaying the correct temperature. Works with most bottle systems - wide, narrow, angled, even disposables
SAFE, ACCURATE AND PATENTED – No more guess work for moms. With advanced electronics, Milkchecker is perfect for getting the right temperature every time. CE certified and battery powered