Milk Monster Baby Milk Timer, Purple



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Milk Monster Baby Milk Timer, Purple

Both breast and formula milk will decrease in nutritional value if they’re left for too long – and will also lead to an increase in harmful bacteria. Milk Monster is a timer which allows the parents or carers to see when the feed starts to deteriorate and therefore when it should be discarded.

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Simple, yet effective, the timer can be attached to bottles of any size, and has a multitude of features to ensure it is child-friendly and baby-proof. The glow-in-the-dark feature and the backlit screen allow parents to easily locate the bottle and read the timer in the dark, and the splash-proof, dishwasher-friendly design also means that Milk Monster can withstand anything baby throws at it – literally.
Milk Monster can also prove to be an essential safety addition when there is more than one child such as multiple births or nurseries by attaching different character Milk Monsters to different bottles.
The brand Milk Monster came from an endearing name we had for all of our girls during the bottle feeding stage, each of them loved their milk so much so that it was hard to wean them onto food. We referred to each of them endearingly as the milk monster. Milk Monster is a unique and innovative solution to a baby safety issue.
Milk Monsters come in four fun colours and all have their own names; pink is susu, blue is piim, green is tej and finally purple is meiko. Each of these names means ‘milk’ in four different languages.

Outer shell and band dishwasher friendly
Backlit screen for easy readbility at night
Glow in the dark elements to aid location in the dark
Universally fits any baby bottle to prevents giving unsafe and less nutritional milk to babies
Customisable timer so the safe consumption time of milk can be set according to type of milk, childs vulnerability, external temperature as well as other influencing factors