Holo The Lilo With A Hole Pregnancy Float, Pink



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Holo - The Inflatable Maternity Pillow Raft with a Hole for Tummy Resting Made Easy During Pregnancy - Mint

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SUPPORT: The specialized rim provides support for your hips and back, while allowing you to lie on your tummy for short spans of time to rest
ACHES & PAINS: The holo is specially designed with pregnancy comfort in mind, and has been known to help alleviate those pesky pregnancy pains (round ligament, sore ribs, lower back, and even heart burn). Bonus – the holo even assist with getting baby into optimal position for birth!
RELAXING: Great for when you just need to relax and want to lie on your tummy to get some much needed rest, or read a book, watch TV, or even go to the beach!
MULTIPURPOSE: The holo can be used throughout every stage of pregnancy – even postpartum – providing continuing support to your ever growing belly. The holo can be used on land or water, and even men with bigger bellies can get in on the relaxation action.
PORTABLE: Easily in the back of your car by simply deflating the head section of the holo, allowing your comfort to travel with you to the chirorpractor, yoga, a prenatal massage, or the beach!