Baby Carriers Guide

Find the perfect carrier to explore the World with your little one!

For outdoor or indoor activities it's important to find the proper way to carry the baby around. Baby Carriers allow parents to be hands-free and comfortably take their little ones everywhere. There's a wide variety of models and brands and choosing the ideal one depends of the needs of each mother. Generally speaking, carriers can be used from birth until the child reaches 25 to 35 lbs.

Benefits of Carriers:

o You will have more freedom to do your tasks. Remember that even with a stroller, you may need to go to the supermarket, wash dishes, read a book or do something that needs both hands free;

o It is an excellent accessory to bring babies close to their parents, mainly the father who doesn't breastfeed and doesn't feel the direct skin contact with the baby.

o Excellent for trips, airports, outings in the park or outsides in general.

o And it s great for calming the baby. Check out the different options you'll find!



The majority of them allows carrying the child in two positions, turned facing the mother and turned facing away. Keep in mind that when facing away, the child needs to have complete control of their head. Some models come with other options, like on the side, with a style more on the hip and others like a backpack style     


These are baby carriers made of fabric that goes around the mother's body to hold the child. They are excellent for newborns and many models allow accommodation during breastfeeding. The baby stays positioned correctly, without altering the ergonomics of the human body. The disadvantage is that many models are complicated to adjust and if not well positioned, they may overload the mother's spinal column.

Pouch Sling

Fabric carriers without rings There is just sewn fabric that is tied in a diagonal to hold the child.

Ring Sling

Fabric carriers with two rings. It allows for a variety of movements and positions. 


The most traditional and simple of all carriers. They come in a variety of lengths and fabrics that wraps around the mother's body to give support and hold the child in a variety of positions. They are adjustable and comfortable, however, it may be difficult to wrap around at first.  

Airplane Baby Carriers

Traveling in a plane is uncomfortable, especially for babies. Using a carrier is practical since they don't take much space and are lightweight. The FlyeBaby accommodates the baby in your arms, like a hammock, attached to the seat in front of you, so that the baby is comfortable and secure during the entire trip.


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