Feeding Guide

All you need to know about feeding!

Feeding is a very important process for the babies' growth. Thus, parents need to make the right choices towards the proper foods and tools. With so many options available in the market nowadays is really difficult to understand and find the best fit, therefore, this guide may help you to have a clear view about baby feeding.


Breastfeeding is well recommended until the child is 6 months old. Moms that want to breastfeed need to find a proper pump in order to increase milk production, to prevent the breast from getting full of milk and to let the dads or other people feed their babies in case they cannot due to pain or if they have to stay away for a while.

Breast Pumps

There're three models available to best suit the necessities of each mom.



Economical, quiet and the mother to controls the force of suction, however it takes longer and may be painful.

Individual Electric

More comfortable and fast. It doesn't tired the hands, making its use much more convenient.

Double Electric

Two coupled pumps that take milk from both breasts at the same time. It's comfortable, efficient and faster.


The use of a bottle is not only for mothers who don't want to or can't breastfeed. It can be used while breastfeeding if the mother is not available for another person to feed the child. All bottles in sold in the USA and in our store are BPA-Free. You'll have to use different nipples according to your babies age to control the flow that is appropriate.

Types of Bottles

There are lots of bottles available in the market, with different shapes, materials and systems, so it's important to know each of them in order to find the best one for you and your baby.


Very popular, light, easy to handle and don't break.


Easy to clean and durable, but little heavier and may break.


Flexible, durable, soft and easy to clean.

Formula Reservoir

Can be filled in advance and mixed at feeding time.

Anti Colic

With a venting system that reduce colic and gas.

Stainless Steel

Durable, hygienic and eco-friendly, made with natural materials.


Keep the for long the temperature inside. Ideal for outings and trips


Babies don't need their hands and can drink it while sitting down.


Recipient with a sack to store milk and feed the baby without a bottle.


Ideal to use when going out to avoid caring dirty bottles


When babies start eating food It's important for them to have their own plate. When choosing the bowl we recommend to get one that colorful and attractive to make them happy while eating and with features to make it easy for them to self-feed.

Types of Bowls

See below all the options you'll find and their different purposes.


This is the child's first bowl, since they normally start eating soups and blended fruits.


Used when the soup phase is passed and a shallower plate is needed to start eating solids, like grains and meat.

Anti-Slip Base

Has a rubber base on the bottom to make it hard for the bowl to slip it off the table and avoid accidents.

With Dividers

A shallow plate with dividers to avoid mixing the meal and let the baby differentiate the foods and their colors.

With Suction

Has a suction cup that sticks to the table not allowing it to fall. Very good for babies that are starting to eat alone.


Has a reservoir to put hot water and keep the food's temperature for longer. Useful for babies that take long time


It's important for babies to use their own utensils to eat. As soon as the pediatrician starts including solids foods, it'll be necessary to introduce a spoon for feeding. The use of the spoon will help the child's motor coordination and will facilitate the use of a fork and knife in the future.

Types of Utensils

See below the different types of utensils you'll find.


Silicone spoons should be the first spoon used. They're soft and won't hurt the baby.

Flexible Handle

Can direct the position of the spoon, facilitating feeding and keeping the food from falling off.

Color Change

Change the color when food is hot. Provides more safety meals.

Long Handle

Help the mother feed the child more easily.

With Case

These models are excellent to have in a bag, for traveling or outings.

With Reservoir

To put soups or yogurts in the spoon and give to the child without a plate. Practical for outings.


Made in animal shape or with accessories that distract the child when eating.


A bigger spoon, with some cool designs and very durable. Used for bigger children.


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