Evenflo Infant Carrier Weather Shield Gray Melange


The universal size ?ts all Even?o infant car seats. Mesh side holes offer ventilation for your child and the Velcro closure top ?ap opens for access to the infant seat handle. The clear front window allows you to clearly see your child, and has a zippered opening to access your child if needed. Elastic edges easily stretch around the bottom of the infant seat for quick installation. High quality materials are easy to wipe clean, ensure durability and eliminate shrinking.
Protects Your Child: From rain, wind and other outdoor elements
Waterproof Materials: For maximum defense
Mesh Side Panels: Provide ventilation for your child
Clear Front Window: Allows you a clear view of your little one, while they can enjoy the world around them
Easy Access To Your Child: The clear front panel has a zippered access, allowing you to reach in if needed


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