Fingertip Pulse Oximeter | Oximeter Finger with Pulse


Measure and monitor your heart rate and saturation(oxygen saturation of capillary blood) anywhere with the Imdk pulse oximeter!
Do this by simply placing your finger on the pulse oximeter fingertip which takes measurements using it's light-sensitive sensor.
Your measurements will appear on the pulse oximeter's digital display.
This Pulse oximeter has been trialed clinically and has proven to allow accurate,stable and reliable measurements.
The clothespin on this pulse oximeter fingertip has a universal size so it can be used on children and adults.
On the top panel of this oximeter is a multifunction button, turn the device on by clicking on this, leave it press and it will cause changes on how the information is positioned.
Other options on this oximeter finger with pulse and what they mean:
Alm - enable alerts - options: ON / OFF;
DIR - switching parameter changes - options: UP / DOWN (increase / decrease parameters);
SpO2 High - maximum SpO2 measurement value - from SpO2 Low value +1 to 99;
SpO2 Low - minimum SpO2 measurement value - from 70 to SpO2 High -1;
PR High - the maximum value of measuring the heart rate - from PR Low +1 to 250;
PR Low - the minimum value for measuring the heart rate - from 25 to PR High -1;
Default - when holding the button for a long time at this menu item, the settings are reset to the factory value: Alm - Off, DIR - UP, SpO2 High - 99, SpO2 Low - 90, PR High - 120, PR Low - 50;
Exit - exit the settings menu.
Powered by 2 AAA Batteries.
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