Jc Toys 15.5 Soft Body La Newborn In White Bunting And Accessories


La Newborn Bunting Gift Set includes a soft foldable bunting, pacifier and pacifier carrier, pretend bottle.
Jointed at the shoulders, hips, and neck, so you can rotate the legs and arms when adding and removing clothing.
Made by JC Toys, the world’s leading doll manufacturer.
This JC Toys product has been safety tested and approved for children 2+.
Proud to be Designed by Berenguer.
Dolls Awards of Excellence Winner! - Amazingly finely-detailed baby wrinkles, with a dazzling life-like appearance.
15.5 soft and vinyl body and realistic features - soft vinyl skin, finely-detailed baby wrinkles, and bright, colorful eyes
Premium doll in the La Newborn series; a collection specially designed to capture a newborn baby’s special moments, unique only to the beginnings of life!


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