LatchPal Hands-free Nursing Clip, Stripe pink


That’s why I created LatchPal, a breastfeeding clip that eliminates the nuisance of a falling shirt. As a mom and the creator of LatchPal, I want to help moms stress less and bond with their babies while breastfeeding, not fret about falling shirts. It's my hope that LatchPal will help you or a loved one achieve their breastfeeding and wellness goals. LatchPal conveniently secures your shirt, compliments a mom's existing wardrobe and only requires only requires one hand to attach and latch. It's perfect for postpartum moms, pumping, nursing in public and has a variety of uses beyond breastfeeding. Stop cinching with your chin, let LatchPal secure your shirt and you'll be glad you've found Nursing's breast friend! Curious about LatchPal's alternate uses? LatchPal grows with you family and can be used to clip keys, hand sanitizer, or infant rattle to any bag and can also be used to secure a toddler clothing when potty training!
Polyester & man made materials
LatchPal is a mom-invented breastfeeding clip that eliminates the nuisance of a falling shirt to prevent feeding interruptions. Secure your shirt through all seasons and say goodbye to chin-cinching for good!
Our convenient nursing clip provides a clear view of baby & breast to promote successful latching; it also lets mom nurse comfortably and hands free to maximize milk flow.
Don’t dig in your diaper bag, keep LatchPal clipped to your shirt as a discrete reminder of which breast you nursed from last.
LatchPal is perfect for pumping; it lets you pump in style by converting your existing shirts into nursing shirts and keeps you stain free!
It’s a great accessory to compliment your nursing tank and breastfeeding cover; it’s a must-have for any breastfeeding starter kit!


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