Motorola - Halo+ Over The Criib Deluxe Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


Baby video monitor is perfect for parents to check on their baby anywhere, since it easily connects to the Hubble app on your smartphone. It features a real-time video feed of your baby with a crisp and clear display.

4.3 color screen
Infrared night vision
Smart Sleep Assistant keeps track of your baby's hours of sleep, as well as the number of feeding times, diaper changes, and pumping sessions
2-way speakers, so parents can calm their baby with their voices
Wi-Fi baby monitor
Fitted with a night light (7 different colors) and lightshow projector, which casts images onto the ceiling above the crib, helping the little one fall asleep
Pairing can be affected by other devices in range, the device being used as well as any obstructions in the range of communication


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