Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub, Blue


Make baby's bath time safer and more comfortable with Munchkin's Clean. Designed to work on the counter or directly in the bathtub, it features high side walls to help keep wiggly babies in place. The ultra-soft basin provides an inclined position with full head and body support so water stays out of baby's ears while the wide base and non-slip feet keep your little one cradled in comfort.This infant tub features a water reservoir which allows you to pour clean water over your little one while dirty water funnels out through a spout. The bather also separates into two parts for quick and easy cleaning.
*High, secure side walls and non-slip feet help ensure baby stays in place
*Extra-soft, inclined headrest is gentle on baby's head and keeps water out of baby's ears
*Separates into two parts for quick and easy cleaning
*0-6 months
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