Munchkin Last Drop Silicone Toddler Bowl with Built-In Straw(Assorted Color)


Ever wish for a more dignified way to drink that last bit of cereal milk from the bowl? Get ready to send your toddler to the no-slurp zone with Munchkin’s Last Drop™ straw bowl! Made of colorful 100% silicone, this kid-approved bowl has a fun and innovative feature: a built-in straw perfect for getting in every delicious sip or bite. Silicone tableware is a smart and sustainable alternative to plastic, and this unique bowl literally ensures that little ones’ meals are good to the last drop.CHOOSE ONE COLOR : PURPLE, GREEN,PINK or BLUE.
100% silicone bowl with buitl-in straw.Non-slip base.Microwave and dishwasher safe. BPA-free. 6 months +
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