Munchkin Spotless Silicone Placemats - 2 Pack (Purple/Blue)


Put mealtime messes in their place with these two ultra cool Munchkin placemats.They are beautiful and very easy to clean.ou can count on the Spotless™ silicone placemat to keep those inevitable spills contained. Not only are they great for providing a catch-all, clean surface little ones can eat from directly.Includes 2 in each box (one Purple and one Blue).They are 100% silicone placemats, each measuring 11.13 x 15 x 0.07 .
Raised edge helps contain messes and spills.
Thin design rolls up for easy portability - great for use at restaurants or on-the-go.
Grippy bottom clings to most smooth, non-porous surfaces to help prevent sliding.
Dishwasher safe, easy to clean.
4+ months.


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