You can pay for your purchases in our store with your Brazilian credit card and you can split it up to 12 installments!

Know how it works:

- The total purchases must be equal to or greater than $250 dollars

- The value will be changed to Brazilian Real based on the dollar exchange rate on the day of purchase

- Make your purchases normally in our physical store and the installment payment will be made at the cashier.

- The customer's CPF must be presented at the time of payment in installments

- Installment purchases imply the following fees:

Administrative fee of 5% on the purchase amount (diluted in installments)

Installments in up to 12 installments = 1.8% of interest per month

IOF of 0.38%, as our installment payment is considered a Brazilian transaction.

Installments for amounts exceeding $3000.00 USD will require presentation of the income tax receipt, due to the impositions of the Brazilian Central Bank.