Traveling with children is always a pleasant task but very laborious and requires a lot of attention and planning. Thinking about it, we decided to write this article with some tips that can help you in this adventure, reducing unexpected stress and leaving more time for love, laughter, and fun. Trips refer to good memories, and that is what we wish you to have!

Let’s start by giving suggestions for easy-to-handle and lightweight baby strollers. The purpose of this article is not to advertise any brand or boost any sale, but rather to talk about the strollers that offer some facility for TRAVELING, as this is the focus of the article.

The first model is the BabyZen Yoyo stroller, one of the pioneers and it is still very successful among moms. It is a compact and lightweight stroller, weighing only 13.6lbs / 6.2kg, which allows it to accommodate from a newborn to a 33lbs / 15kg child. To use since newborn you also need to buy the bassinet kit, adapter and an infant car seat.

Another option that moms love is the Siver Cross Jet stroller, which can also accommodate a newborn to a child with 40lbs / 18kg capacity and it is really compact and lightweight, weighing the same 13.6lbs / 6.2kg. Its seat reclines well, and you can buy the adapter and the infant car seat to use with the newborn.




And I must mention the GB Pockit, which is the smallest and lightest stroller of all, with some restrictions of reclining the seat, but as an unparalleled lightness, weighing 12.5lbs / 5.4kg. The new version, called GB Pockit All City, also allows you to put an infant car seat. In other words, it is now possible to use from newborn until the child is 55lbs / 25kg. When it is closed, it is the smallest stroller  of all that we quoted here.

Now that you already have a light and compact stroller, let's talk about some accessories and their functionality so you can analyze which one will help you more in your trip.

I will start talking about the stroller and car seat travel bags. Taking a car seat on a trip is a big challenge without a proper bag with handles, the same for models of large and heavy strollers. A travel bag is an accessory that will help a lot on your trip, especially in the airport.

One brand that sells these universal bags for both a stroller and a car seat is Primo Passi. It is large to accommodate most brands and has a handle for easy transportation.

Another tip is to buy the travel bag of the product's brand. Not all of them offer, but they tend to be much better when they do it, fit and support.




Still, talking about a suitcase, do you know JETKIDS BEDBOX BY STOKKE? A 3-in-1 bag used to store children's belongings, set up a walkway for the airplane seat, making the trip much more comfortable, and still it can be used as a stroller to carry the child. It has wheels where the child can move alone, from one place to another, and handle so someone can pull it. It is practically impossible not to fall in love with this product!



And speaking of a strap, I remembered another top-rated product with moms here at Macrobaby, which are backpacks with a harness. An excellent option to store some of the favorite children's belongings and control the "beetle impulses" of the little ones. It is a widely used accessory for the safety of the kids, mainly in the parks or in any open place and, consequently, for the parents' tranquility.


There are different brands available. We will leave the category link for them to have access to the models:


A Baby Carrier is another popular product for trips, but isn't limited to outdoor activities. Some parents use it to carry the baby inside the house, making it easy for them to do extra tasks.

There are many brands, models, and values ​​. The difference will be the fabrics, convenience, functionality, and comfort for whoever will be carrying the baby. The materials will vary between polyester, cotton, nylon, air mesh, and others. Regarding functionality, some models allow having a newborn. Others you may need to buy an accessory to use with a newborn.  The position to carry the baby can also be different between brands and models. Some have the baby in the front, facing in / out, on the side, and even back, like a backpack.

Another essential feature to review before  purchasing one,  it is the back support. Some do not have it, and it is basic. Others have it and are more reinforced, providing more comfort when carrying the baby, protecting the parents' spine. Some options below:




Another tip, especially for newborns, is a maternity bag that turns into a bassinet, so you can comfortably put your baby to sleep anywhere, make them comfortable, and giving the parent a piece of mind.


Take a look at this model - Primo Passi Nido Travel Bag

Another must-have product is undoubtedly the portable fans of Primo Passi, excellent for warm and hot days, has three speeds, can be used by the whole family, and has also the function of cell phone charger and even a flashlight.



Now thinking about food and hygiene, here are  some products that can help on several occasions:

- Cleaning tablets – these are used to wash bottles and cups when you are away from home. Just add a little water, rattle, and rinse with more water. It breaks the fat milk molecules, leaving the bottle very clean and without that smell of sour milk in the bag!


Fizzwizz Baby Bottle And Sippy Cup Cleaning Tablets 30Ct


Disposable Bibs : this is  a product option for those trips or outings that you don't want to keep the dirty bib in the bag. Use it, threw it out, and that's it. Easy and fast! Sassy and Munchkins brands make great ones.


- Bottle nipples for water bottles -

It is an accessory that will give you freedom and convenience. To have the option to use a nipple or sipping in a regular bottle of water makes life easy to travel or go out anywhere.

Brands options:  Iplay and Refresh-A-Baby


And finally, respecting this pandemic moment, hygiene and sanitizing are necessary. We have two products that you cannot miss carrying  them in your bag on any outdoor activity, increasing the protection of the whole family.

- Spray Sanitizer – it is much easier to apply on all utensils  and surfaces than simply a hand sanitizer.


Primo Passi Hand Sanitizer Spray



 - The Portable Ultraviolet Lights: This is  another great product that guarantees  protection, especially in hotel rooms, surfaces, children's toys, and more. It's convenient, super light, and portable.



Thank you in advance for reading this article , and I hope I have helped you in some way to find products that will facilitate your trip.