Learn How to Ship you Baby Products to Brazil

Did you know that you can receive your purchases quickly,
conveniently and safely in the comfort of your home? Yes! Now you can receive
all your purchases made here at Macrobaby, either through the website or
through the virtual service, at any address in Brazil through Shipping
Prudential. the process is very simple: After making your purchase, via the
website or via a virtual service, you will receive an email from Shipping
Prudential with a budget for shipping to Brazil, according to the size and
weight of the products. If you accept the amount, you will receive a shipping
payment link along with the delivery form. After making the payment, Shipping
Prudencial packs everything and sends it. Once the purchase is submitted, you
will receive an email with the Tracking Number, so you can track your
purchases. Done! Count on Shipping Prudential's agility to receive, pack and
ship your purchase and receive it in the comfort of your home.

1 (407) 668-8119

Shipping is done through an air carrier to Brazil and distributed by Correios.

Delivery time is 15 to 25 working days.

The shipping quote will be sent by Shipping Prudential after your purchase by email. Remembering that they cannot make quotes without knowing the exact weight of purchases and the volume of boxes.

Shipping rates as based on the weight and volume of purchases but we have some examples below

Box # 1 - 23cm x 37cm x 15cm Weight 3Kgs - U$75.00

Box # 2 - 35cm x 35cm x 16 cm Weight 4.5Kg - U$90.00

Customers with a shipping address outside the US are responsible for any import duties and customs duties. Customs duties are not included in the cost of shipping or handling your order. Customs taxes vary by country and Brazil does not have a 100% rule set for collection. Taxes can reach up to 60% + state ICMS on the value of the merchandise + the shipping cost.

Shipping your baby products to Brazil will depend on the weight and amount of boxes you will ship.

Here are some examples:

Box # 1 - 23cm x 37cm x 15cm Weight 3Kgs - U$75.00
Box # 2 - 35cm x 35cm x 16 cm Weight 4.5Kg - U$90.00