Philips AVENT Small Massage Cushion Accessory


This soft massage cushion has a smaller funnel, specially desinged for moms with smaller nipples. It can be used with Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump range.
Right size, maximum comfort
Breast pump with smaller funnel
*Fits all comfort breast pump
Right fit: The nipple sits comfortably in the cushion funnel
If the nipple sits comfortably in the cushion funnel, you are using the correct size massage cushion.
Choose large size: Nipple touches the walls of the funnel
If your nipple touches or rubs against the wall of the cushion funnel, then you should choose the large breast pump cushion with wider funnel to ensure a more comfortable pumping experience.
Fits on all Comfort breast pumps
The smaller size soft massage cushion is compatible with all Philips AVENT Comfort breast pumps.
What is included:
Large size cushion
1 pcs
Soft massage cushion
Gentle stimulation
*0 - 6 months


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