We match the prices MORE than our competitors

At MacroBaby, we always offer the best deals to our customers, so if you find a better deal at one of our competitors*, we match the price right away. And if the product is over $100, you get a $5 gift card to use on your next purchase. *Competitors accepted: We only consider baby stores as our competitor. Price Match is not valid for department stores or large retailers.

How to Match the price at Macrobaby:

1) Present the competitor’s ad or website to the manager at our physical store, or talk to our customer service through the email address or calling to 1-877-240-5379.

2) Our store manager will review your request and check the competitors information, including the details of the deal and product availability in stock.

3) As soon as the information is confirmed, the manager will approve your request.

4) If the approved product is over $100, we will not only match the price immediately, but the customer will also get a $5 (five dollars) gift card to be used on their next purchase at the physical store (not valid for orders on our website).

5) For the Price Match approval, the item must have the same brand, model, number (including color and UPC) and available for all customers, before taxes.

6) Price Match can’t be used with any other current deal or special offer, Florida resident discount or coupon.

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