Primo Passi - Disposable Nursing Pads


Primo Passi has created the perfect system to keep you dry and safe all day and night. It is the absorbent disposable nursing pad you were looking for!
Try to breastfeed within the first hour of birth – it will help your uterus contract and provides that valuable colostrums. Our product was developed for your milk come in and this occurs on about the third or fourth day after birth. You’ll know it’s happened because your breasts suddenly increase several cup sizes. You may check-in if your baby is good at giving hunger signals - rooting around searching for your nipple; putting his hand in his mouth; and looking increasingly alert. It’s better if you always feed on demand. Stay hydrated to ensure your body can make enough milk and the best way is to sip from a glass of water when nursing. Nurse in a calm environment to help your milk let down.

With a discreet no-show design, it maintains the form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow.
Its soft and breathable material helps to reduce chafing, protecting the skin from irritation.
The contoured fit provides much more comfort than other nursing pads.
Each pad is individually wrapped, making it great to take it with you in your diaper bag.
With the absorbent Disposable Nursing Pads from Primo Passi, your clothes are going to stay dry and safe.


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