Primo Passi Diaper Odor Neutralizer


Primo Passi Diaper Odor Neutralizer has a strong formula that was originally developed to fight strong odors from diaper areas. However, it is also very effective on fabrics, hampers, carpets, bathrooms, trash cans, cars, offices, shoes and pet areas such as cat litters. It combines the toughness of the powerful ingredients with soft notes of lavender. Never overpowering, yet it guarantee providing a fresh and clean air atmosphere for a few hours.
It's the best way to keep the diaper area refreshed even though is ultra versatile, works great on other areas like Bathrooms (toilet, shower, hamper), Kitchens (cooking, odors, garbage, refrigerator), Rooms, Offices and Pet Areas.
Primo Passi, a baby line that caters to the needs of babies, moms and parents by offering them top-quality products at affordable prices.

Our product is safe enough to be used as often as you need including around pets and babies.
Neutralizes odor molecules upon contact
Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Aerosol
Fresh Air in your home or office
Eliminates diaper odor from urine and feces


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