Primo Passi Seatbelt Pillow Black


Primo Passi offers quality pillows for your seatbelt help a lot in the right neck and head alignment. It prevents the head from slouching forward. When traveling at high speed and for long distances, it also helps to prevent neck strain and tension. Those who have a tendency to sleep on the sides would certainly love it. They usually come in some of the best colors and material. Easily washable, they are also inflatable and therefore provide total and complete protection and comfort while traveling.
There are also special pillows which are specifically designed for young children.
These are special pillows which allow both the mother and the child to share the same seat.
They help a lot in maintaining the child’s head and neck to be safe and afford the much needed comfort while sleeping.
They are also known to provide complete and total lateral support as far as the upper body is concerned.
They help a lot in relaxation, and also aid in having a quality sleep and the duration of sleep is also much longer because there are hardly any jerks or forward/backward movements.
The removable seat belt cover is easy to clean, filled with polypropylene cotton, and covered by a soft micro-suede fabric with a Velcro opening/closing.

You'll be cruisin' and your kids will be snoozin' with this comfy pillow.
Super-soft fleece and stay-put design for sleepy heads.
Comfort + Safety on every ride.
Neck pillow
Black seatbelt pillow
Made and filled with plush 100% polyester
Rectangular shape to support the head
Universal Design
Soft Micro-Suede Fabric
Velcro opening/closing.
Machine Wash and Dry


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