Save Your Seat™ 16-Pack Disposable Strap Covers in Black/White Chevron


Installation can be done in minutes and if there's an accident or spill, simply remove it and replace with a new one.
Strap covers measure: 4”x6” (One strap cover is 4”x24” with three perforated lines allowing it to be broken into four smaller strap covers. May be used on a regular car seat belt or a child car seat harness.) Fits all car seats without interfering with the manufacturer’s belting system. NOTE: CAR SEAT NOT INCLUDED.
The Save Your Seat Disposable Strap Covers protects your child's car seat straps from spills, wear, and tear 16-pack
Easy and quick to install
Includes four (24 x 4) perforated straps that can torn into as many as 16 (6 x 4) straps
Made of ultra-thin, moisture-wicking, waterproof cotton for maximum protection and comfort
Secures with Hook and loop fastener®
Suitable for high-chairs and strollers
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