Stokke Sleepi Adjustable Oval Mini Baby Crib Bundle with Mattress, Hazy Grey


Comfort and Security
Because comforting baby is at the top of your list, Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib offers the perfect environment for your newborn. The distinctive oval shape creates a cozy cocoon, providing a sense of security for baby. Rods and a perforated mattress bottom also allow maximum air circulation. The baby bed bundle includes 1.5” non-allergenic standard density foam mattress with cotton damask cover.

Space-Saving Efficiency
Baby cribs don’t have to be bulky and oversized. At just 67cm/26in wide, Stokke Sleepi Mini is incredibly compact and efficient, making it perfect for smaller spaces. The compact size also makes it perfect for minimalistic nurseries that don’t compromise on style.

Adjustable Convenience
Along with its efficient size, Stokke Sleepi Mini baby crib comes with adaptable features that grow with your child. The height-adjustable mattress bottom makes it easy to lift baby in and out of the crib, so you can accommodate your baby’s changing needs.

* Additional parts that extend actual size of crib are sold separately.
Safe Mobility
Life can get hectic as a new parent. Our baby crib is designed with this in mind, featuring wheels that let you easily move the crib between rooms for impromptu room swaps or fussiness. The swivel wheels are lockable, keeping baby safe and secure wherever nap time ends up happening.


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