Summer Infant Baby Pixel Zoom HD Duo Monitor


See, hear and know your baby is okay with this incredible baby monitor, featuring innovative technology and a high definition image. With two Cameras, you can easily monitor two rooms. The baby Pixel HD zoom features HD Moonlite so you can see your child in HD even in the dark, plus a six level HD zoom letting you see baby's tiniest movements. The remote camera steering on each camera allows you to view baby's entire room with ease and the patent-pending SleepZone technology alerts you if baby has moved out of the Virtual boundary box. Other convenience features include a nursery temperature display, two-way talk back to baby, lullabies, white noise, clock, and voice activated screen wake-up (VOX).

5.0 inch HD picture (720p) with 6-level digital zoom and 2 cameras
Sleepzone Virtual boundary - Set a boundary box around a selected area to alert you when your baby exits their safe space
Hd Moonlite night vision boost - Subtly illuminate your camera's viewing area for a clearer, temporary, in-color view of baby in the dark.
Remote camera steering - pan left to right and tilt up and down
Voice activated video on/off technology (VOX) - voice activation auto
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