Tiny Love Into the Forest Tiny Dreamer 3-in-1 Musical Projector Soother


With 3 modes of use, the enchanting musical projector-soother from Tiny Love will help you to comfort and soothe your baby.
The soothing night lamp mode features a warm, soft glow that creates a comfortable environment for your baby. It comes with a unique cry sensor that helps baby fall back to sleep.
When you tilt Tiny Dreamer to the side, you'll see the starscape lights on the projector mode, inspiring sweet dreams with the colorful show.
It even grows with your baby - the secure string makes it a portable lantern, letting you take it with you wherever the baby goes, playing their favorite tunes.
It plays 17 lullaby melodies and a soothing white noise. You can also use the MP3 mode to play your favorite relaxing sounds or music.
Let your baby fall asleep independently and it will turn it off automatically after 10, 30 or 60 minutes.
Tiny Love Tiny Dreamer is part of the Into the Forest collection. Check other Into the Forest products on our website!


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