Tiny Love Tiny Princess Electronic Book


With a new surprise on every page, the Tiny Princess Electronic Book provides a rich stimulating experience for your little girl. The Tiny Princess fairy wand brings the book alive as the characters and images on the pages respond to its touch.
Fosters language and communication skills - As baby learns to make a connection between objects and words, he develops a basic vocabulary and enriches it as he goes along.
Develops cognitive skills - Babys mental faculties are stimulated with activities that encourage him to explore again and again promoting learning, memory, and curiosity.
Motor skills are developed when baby learns to match the touch and response electronic friend to the touch points.

For ages 6-12 months: Ask baby where's the bunny? and touch the bunny's touch point with the electronic butterfly to produce the frog sound.Play peek-a-boo with the different peek-a-boo games in the electronic book.

For ages 12-18 months: Sit with your child and show her the different scenes point to the objects and name them (This is a duck. This is a sheep. This is a cloud). Describe the scenes that take place on each page. Then you can ask her to describe a scene.
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