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MacroBaby VIP is the Personal Shopper service that MacroBaby offers at the physical store. The customer book the service and receive exclusive consultation with our products specialists. VIP customers will have all the information they need about strollers, car seats, boosters, bottles, baby monitors and about all the best baby products available at the market. This service will help you decide what are the best items for your lifestyle and budget.

Our VIP packages:

1) VIP 1

3 hours of exclusive private consultation (one day)

Price: $150

2) VIP 2

4 hours of exclusive private consultation (one day)

Price: $190

3) VIP 3

6 hours of exclusive private consultation (can be split in two days)

Price: $280

Both our product specialist and the VIP customers wear an identification VIP pin in order not to be disturbed during the consultation.

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