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Putting together a baby shower for a very lucky mom-to-be can be a lot to think about, but it can also be loads of fun. One of the first steps is to choose a great theme. As you brainstorm, think about the guest of honor and the kind of theme she’d love. If you’re certain she’s happy to reveal she’s having a baby girl, get inspired by these baby shower themes for girls, including ideas for decorations, food, and games. Keep in mind, any of these theme ideas can also work for a baby boy!

Princess Theme

When it comes to parties, princess parties never go out of style. The great thing about this theme is that there are so many regal symbols to play with: castles, tiaras, crowns, thrones, bows, and more.

Decoration Ideas

  • For a color scheme, choose gold or silver paired with pink or the very regal purple

  • To help you get started, print these beautiful princess-themed invitations, thank you notes, and pennant banners

  • As a centerpiece, make a princess theme diaper cake in the shape of a castle

  • Drape gold, pink, or purple material over an armchair to make a DIY throne for the mom-to-be to sit on

  • Hang two sheets of pink tulle (or some other fabric) behind the food table from under a plastic or paper crown; then pull the two sheets to the side, like a curtain, and cinch them with ribbon to create a royal backdrop.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Theme

The mom-to-be and her little shining star are the focus on this special day, so why not go with a theme inspired by this popular children's song. This baby shower theme can be quite easy to bring together.

Decoration Ideas

  • Decorate the party zone with lots of star and moon shapes cut out from yellow or gold paper card stock

  • Set a nighttime mood with dark blue or black hues and pops of yellow or gold

  • Hang a string of fairy lights

  • Have a "twinkle, twinkle little star" diaper cake topper as a decorative centerpiece.

  • Cut mini star shapes out of gold glitter paper, and glue them onto the ends of toothpicks, which you can stick into any small bite-size snacks

  • Glue mini paper stars onto striped paper drinking straws.

Flower Power Theme

Flowers are a timeless theme, and a relatively easy one to decorate with if you can get your hands on some lovely fresh flowers, or some nice looking artificial ones. It’s also a great theme if you’re hosting the shower in your garden.

Decoration Ideas

  • Create a bouquet diaper cake as a centerpiece

  • Tie balloons together in the shape of a flower bloom

  • For a whimsical touch, hang colorful pennant banners, lanterns, and individual flower stems from a string

  • Hang a banner above the buffet table that says "Baby in Bloom".

Fairy Theme

For a magical baby shower, the fairy theme offers many options. Create an enchanted forest out of your garden or create a spellbinding food table fit for a fairy queen and her baby girl.

Decoration Ideas

  • For an enchanted forest shower, have some fake grass on the buffet table, and hang some branches overhead that you can decorate with flowers or colorful pennants

  • For a classic fairy shower, get a few helium balloons in purple, pink, or white, and cover them in soft tulle, cinching the tulle at the base of each balloon with the extra material hanging down below so that it looks like a floating fairy

  • Buy a tree stump serving board or live edge cutting board and use the top for serving appetizers or cupcakes decorated to look like toadstools

  • Make tablecloths from pink or purple tulle to look like fairy skirts

  • Decorate the buffet table with cutouts of pixies, fairy wands, fairy wings, and tiaras

  • Create mini cutouts to stick on the ends of toothpicks for small snacks, like cheese

  • Hang string lights and a sign that says "We’re waiting for a baby pixie" or "Welcome, fairy princess"

  • At the entrance, hang a sign that says "Fairies Welcome" and ask the mom-to-be to wear fairy wings

  • Provide guests with bottles of glitter (fairy dust) that they can use to shower the mom-to-be when she enters.

Mermaid Theme

Picking the mermaid theme gives you lots of mesmerizing underwater colors and symbols to play with. Get creative with all things under the sea.

Decoration Ideas

  • Choose colors like purples, greens, blues, and aquas

  • Create wave-like tablecloths for the food table: Buy thin, plastic tablecloths in various greenish-blue colors, cut wavy edges, and layer the different colors so they all show

  • For an extra beachy feel, scatter sand or shells between the food platters

  • Cut shapes out of card stock like corals, seahorses, fish, dolphins, and mermaids to decorate the tables

  • To create a stream of bubbles, blow up white or transparent balloons in various sizes, and hang them in an upward spiral shape from smallest to largest

  • Make seaweed out of green streamers

  • For a mermaid-themed garland, fold short bits of purple and aqua tulle in half over a piece of string and cinch the tulle together right under the string to secure it in place

  • Hang purple and aqua streamers for an under-the-sea vibe

  • Hang a banner over the food table bearing the message "Little Mermaid: Coming Soon".

Little Miss Sunshine Theme

This is a great baby shower theme if you would prefer to avoid pink. It’s also perfect for a summertime baby shower, or if you’re craving some sunshine during the colder months.

Decoration Ideas

  • For the color scheme, choose bright yellows and oranges, and add light gray, blue, or white for some contrast

  • Cut a big sun shape out of yellow paper, and stick it near the food table

  • Grab a bunch of yellow and orange balloons, and hang those up, too

  • Add some light blue and white helium balloons to represent the sky with fluffy white clouds

  • Make some on-theme pennant banners out of yellow paper

  • Hang some gold streamers up to represent sunbeams

  • Make yellow tissue pompoms to represent mini suns

  • Add a bunch of real or fake sunflowers or yellow Gerbera daisies to the buffet table for a pop of color

  • Hang a sign that reads "You are my sunshine".



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