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Madame Alexander
Best selling products
Madame Alexander
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Jc Toys La Newborn All-Vinyl In Pink Coat And Outfit W/ Animal Friend
Adora African American Baby Doll
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Macrobaby Doll's Maternity Doll Carrier, Dinosaur

MacroBaby Dolls Maternity

MacroBaby Dolls Maternity is a magical place where children and adults can adopt reborn baby dolls in a nursery room in Orlando, FL. The MacroBaby nursery is the biggest Dolls Maternity in Florida, offering many premium and exclusive doll options, focused on special lines that are not found in big stores. Some of the iconic doll lines in this new collection includes Baby Reborn dolls handmade by artists, Adora Doll , JC Toys, and lots of accessories to play with. MacroBaby nursery is Orlando's first Dolls Maternity with a complete adoption experience, and all visitors must be guided by our nurse.

Carefully designed

A carefully designed area brings MacroBaby visitors into a captivating nursery world

Adopting a Baby

Children - and even adults - can experience the emotions of adopting a baby

Lifelike Baby Dolls

Lifelike baby dolls with realistic human traits, designed in France exclusively for MacroBaby


A nurse will be responsible for presenting dolls to the visitors and answering any questions.

The perfect gift

The Experience

Reborn dolls may be collecting items for many adults due to their realistic looks and details, but they definitely have become popular among children as well. Every week, MacroBaby receives more and more children from all over the world to its Dolls Maternity, looking to go through the “adoption” experience and take home their own lifelike baby doll. And even though reborn dolls are also beloved by adults and seniors, it’s the kids who make the maternity a huge hit at Macrobaby.

Coming from Brazil, the UK, Iceland and other European countries, they get fascinated by the diversity of dolls they find, not to mention the emotion of adopting their own baby.

The adoption experience is about 30 min and it's free with a minimum purchase of a $99.99 doll.

Picking Your Baby Doll

The nurse will help to guide you and your kids to pick the right baby doll for your family. Once you choose it you will have to name your baby.

We love to see how kids interact in this moment and the joy that you can see on their little eyes while picking "someone" for them to care for.

Baby’s heartbeat

The chosen baby is measured and weighted. The nurse will hear the baby's heartbeat, examine ears and conduct a "heel prick" test to ensure a healthy baby.

Birth Certificate

After all procedures, the adoption paperwork is signed and the Birth Certificate is issued, which includes baby's name, place, and date of birth, and parent and grandparent's names.